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Spoken Movement's upcoming show, Obibini, is fast approaching, with all company members presenting the best work possible to evoke thought and change amongst the community. Obibini, is an explosive experience which focuses on the evolution of identity, within black culture, and where it stands in modern day society.

Consisting of three physical pieces, one installation and an animated visual piece, this show also includes 11 artists, technical support and production value. The company aim to push limits and in order to keep this work driven, we would kindly ask you to provide us with what you can to ensure artists are compensated for their hard work.

"I believe artists are as important to the community as Doctors/Bank Managers/Lawyers. In the society we live in today, artists are there to remind people of what is going on in the world and also to remain humane. In order for this stigma to change, we need to start investing in the art form and their artists."

Kwame Asafo-Adjei

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